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Catholic and Parish Life


On 8th February, we celebrated Mass with Fr Paul, as well as took part in receiving the ashes (as we are not in school on Ash Wednesday this year).  Year 4 children helped lead the Mass, and led the readings, psalm and bidding prayers. When asked how they felt when the received the ashes, one child said ‘ I felt special and closer to God.’

Live Simply Award

Some Chaplains led an assembly on Thursday for the whole school about their role in the Live Simply Award. The explained how their role of eco leaders will help support our school in achieving the Live Simply Award. They read from Genesis, and linked this to stewardship and caring for our world, and then shared their aims for the rest of the year.

Their presentation can be viewed here: eco leaders assembly


Christmas Reflection

We celebrated the last day of term, with a reflection in the hall. All members of the school community were invited, and we listened to the Nativity story, read by teachers, and sang some Christmas carols.


On 30th November, we celebrated Mass in school with Fr Paul. We were marking the start of Advent, but Fr Paul wore red as it was also St Andrew’s day.

The Year 6 children helped to lead the assembly by reading the first reading, the psalm and the bidding prayers.

‘We all enjoyed the singing, especially My Lighthouse at the end because I like the actions ‘(Year 4)

Gold Leaders in Faith

On Monday 27th November, some Year 6 children led the whole school Celebration of the Word as part of their Gold Leaders in Faith. As it was Christ the King, they chose the Parable of the Sheep and Goats. They also chose the symbol of a crown and sheep to help when explaining the story. The Year 6’s wrote questions to ask the rest of the school. and wrote and led the prayers at the end of the assembly.

Their takeaway for each class was: Try to be a sheep this week, and help someone who is in need. 


Children In Need 2023

During the week beginning 13th November, the whole school participated in Joe Wick’s Children in Need ‘bearpees’ challenge. The goal was for each class to complete 1000 burpees over the week. We raised money through sponsorships from family and friends. We then had a non school uniform day on Friday, and some of the Year 6 Chaplains led an assembly about Children in Need and how the money we have raised is used to help children across England.

Thank you to everyone who took part, and supported the children during the challenge


All Saints Mass 1.11.23 

Today, we celebrated Mass with Fr Paul in the school hall. We were thinking of all the Saints, especially those who are less well-known. We also prayed for those who have died and have gone Heaven. 

Year 5 helped lead the Mass and read the readings, as well as the psalms and the bidding prayers.  


Multi Faith Week

During the week of 16th October, the school participated in our multi faith week on Judaism. Throughout the week, each class focussed on a different aspect of Judaism. Some of these included: Shabbat,  Passover and the Seder Plate, Sukkot and learning Jewish songs. We then shared our learning in a whole school assembly at the end of the week and families were invited along to see what we had learnt.


On Thursday 12th October, we held a school Mass in the school hall with Fr. Paul. The Year 6 children helped lead the service.

Our Chaplains were also commissioned by Fr Paul at this Mass. They received their blessing, as well as their Chaplaincy badges and certificates.

Harvest Festival

On Thursday 5th October, we invited families in to celebrate our Harvest Festival. Each class shared some of their Harvest learning, from songs to poetry. 

Each class was also asked to bring in some food items to donate to Bridgwater Food Bank.

Thank you very much for everyone’s generous donations, which will go to help people in Bridgwater who are in need, and is much appreciated by the local community. 


Year 5 and 6 celebrated Mass with Fr Paul on Thursday 21st September. He came into our class to lead the Mass, and Year 6 children led the readings and bidding prayers. 

‘We found out that it was St Matthew’s Feast day, so Fr Paul was wearing red.’ (Year 5)

Mass on the Grass

On Sunday 25th June, St Joseph’s held ‘Mass on the Grass’ for parishioners of St Joseph’s and our school community. It was a wonderful Mass, led by Fr Michael, which was enjoyed by all.

‘I liked the singing in the Mass’ (Year 3)

‘The Mass was fun and we got to play afterwards. I saw Mr Simmonds there. ‘Tega, Year 2)


Year 6 Clifton Mass

Year 6 attended Mass at Clifton Cathedral on Wednesday 14th June, to celebrate their time at Primary school, and look forward to their new start in September. 


During the week beginning 5th June, the whole school participated in our multi faith week on Hinduism. During the week, each class focussed on a different aspect on Hinduism. Some of these included: Diwali, learning about Gandhi, learning and performing traditional dances, their worship, and Gods.

At the end of the week, we shared our learning with the rest of the school and our families.

Prayer Club

The Chaplains have continued to run prayer club this term, and have just finished making a banner to display in school. Children from all years helped create and decorate the poster, which will be hung in the library.

Year 3 children have been helping with litter picking at break and lunch times, and have shown stewardship, by ensuring our school is litter free!


School Mass

On Tuesday 16th May, Fr Alan came to say Mass for our school. Year 4 children helped Fr. Alan lead the Mass and Jake and Harry in Year 6 brought up the gifts during the Offertory.

”I really enjoyed Mas today and liked learning about what the priests do and why they do it. Fr Alan was really kind” (Indy, Year 5)

”I really liked Mass because I feel like Fr Alan explained it all really well and I understand more about the Mass (Ava, Year 5)

”I liked Mass because Fr Alan explained it all very well and he was very friendly. He was very fun, especially towards the end” (Matilda, Year 5)

Feast of St Joseph

On Tuesday 21st March, Fr Tom came and celebrated Mass with us for the Feast of St Joseph. The Year 5 children helped lead the Mass, and Fr Tom told us all about who St Joseph was, and what type of person he was.

We then celebrated in school with cake!

Lent Mass

On 23rd February, we had Mass with Fr Tom Dubois, and is was all about Lent. Lent is all about preparing for Jesus’ death and Resurrection. Because Jesus was in the desert for 40 days, we try to fast or give something during Lent. (Year 4)

Christmas Reflection

On the last day of term, the Teachers led a Christmas Reflection in the hall where we heard the Nativity story and remembered the true meaning of Christmas.

Prayer Club

The Chaplains have been running Prayer Club over the last term, and having enjoyed organising a range of prayer activities from prayer painting, to prayer beads and prayer coasters. 

All Saint and All Souls

This week in school, we celebrated All Saints and All Souls. Fr. Tom, from St George’s in Taunton, came in to say Mass and Year 6 children helped lead the service.

Multi Faith Week

During the week commencing 17th October, the whole school took part in Multi faith week, where we studied Judaism. Each class looked at a different aspect of Judaism such as place of worship, Shabbat, signs and symbols and the origins of Judaism. The chaplains then led a celebration assembly, which parents were invited to, and each class shared their learning with the rest of the school.


Harvest Festival

On Thursday 6th October, the school celebrated Harvest Festival. Each class showed us work they had produced for the assembly including vegetable printing for Hedgehogs, songs and poems from Year 2 and 3, and Year 5 shared their work all about bread. 

In addition, we collected food for Bridgwater Food Bank, which is helping those in need in our local community. Thank you so much for all your donations. It is greatly appreciated. 



On Thursday 7th July, we celebrated Mass with Fr. Frank in school and said goodbye to the Year 6’s, who will be leaving at the end of the term to go to Secondary school. The Mass was all about Jesus’ Commandment to love one another, and friendships.

Leavers Mass

Year 6 celebrated Mass at Clifton Cathedral on Wednesday 22 June.

School Mass

On Sunday 3rd July, we welcomed the parishioners of St Joseph’s to our school to celebrate Mass with Fr. Frank. This gave parishioners to opportunity to see our school, and learn about our school values, and how we show God’s love in our lives at school.

Thank you to everyone that attended the Mass. It was an enjoyable day for all.


The Dunstan Catholic Educational Trust Mass

On Tuesday 1st March, St Joseph’s took part in an online Mass with the other schools in our newly established Trust. Father Frank led the Mass from St Joseph’s, Burnham, and some Year 6 children in our school helped lead the Mass.

Remembrance Day Mass

On Thursday 11th November, St Joseph’s had a school Mass in School with Fr. Frank.  During the Mass we held a 2 minute silence and the Year 6 children helped organise and lead the Mass.  The choir from Year 4 and 5 also sang the communion hymn.

Franciscan Sisters

On Friday 25 June, the Franciscan Sisters came to visit KS2.  During this visit, they led an assembly.  In the assembly, we learnt what it means to be a sister, their day-to-day life, and all about their clothing.  We also learnt a few songs!

We were then able to ask some of our questions to the Sisters, to find out more about their life.  





St Joseph

To celebrate the Year of St Joseph, the whole school helped to build a St Joseph Altar.  Each class created something for the table which is associated with St Joseph.  Each class has also written a Prayer to St Joseph to add to the Altar.  Here is some of the work completed on the day and some examples of the Class prayers written.

Lent Calendar

Lent begins on Wednesday 17th February.  This year, Mission Together have created a Lenten Calendar which has a question, activity or reflection for each day during Lent.  This calendar is designed for classes and families to come together each day through prayer and reflection. Please see Lent CalendarCandlemas

St Joseph’s Chaplains have written their own prayers linked to the Celebration ‘Candlemas’.  This is celebrated on 2nd February, 40 days after the birth of Jesus, where  he was brought to the Temple to be presented to God.

The festival is called Candlemas because this was the day that all the Church’s candles for the year were blessed.  On Candlemas night, many people place lighted candles in their windows at home. Candles are used in many religions as a symbol of faith and hope.  They are used to remind us that, just like light, God is always present.  They represent the soul and the beauty of life and candles are lit to show Gods and Goddesses into people’s homes.


Dear Lord

Today we celebrate the feast of Candlemas.

Before Holy Mass our priests will bless our candles for the year ahead.

Let the burning flames of these candles be a reminder to us to live, learn and love in the light of Jesus.

Help us to let our light shine brightly, just as Jesus brought light and hope to our world.

We pray to you O Lord to keep the light of our faith shining.


Mia (Year 5)


Advent Prayers

Seal Class have written Advent Prayers.


Remembrance Day – 11th November 2020

Seal Class have written some prayers and poems after reflection upon Remembrance Sunday. We discussed the emotion and great pride and gratitude that we have for those men and women who gave their lives during many conflicts so that we can have the life we have today.