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Owls Class

Farm Link – update

We are very excited! The eggs have hatched and we now have 8 chicks to look after for the next week in Owl Class.

Farm Link – update

Liz, from farm link, came in to candle our eggs. We were able to see the embryo in 8 of the eggs. Owl class cannot wait to see if all 8 will hatch. The predicted hatch date is Wednesday 29th November. We will update you soon.

Farm Link

Owl class had a visit from Liz, who works for Farm Link, to deliver some special eggs. We have been asked to look after them and watch for any changes. Owl class are very excited about looking after the eggs and they cannot wait for them to hatch. We will keep you updated!

St Joseph’s Church

On Friday 3rd November, Owl class walked beautifully to visit St Joseph’s Church. The children had many questions about the photos, statues, and items in the church. We were able to learn what the words alter and genuflect are. Owl class really enjoyed visiting the church and it has helped them with their learning related to prayer saints and feasts.

Welcome Back

Dear Families,

Welcome back to the start of a new academic year! I hope you had a very enjoyable summer.

We are starting off the term with the topic “Street detectives- near and far” to explore our local area and where we came from. We have a visit from Farm Link during the third week where we will look at how to use maps and compasses. We will continue to have a cross curricular approach to both teaching and learning. We will work closely with Deer Class during our topic
sessions (Year 2). It is always lovely that children are so enthusiastic about bringing in materials and artefacts related to the topics and I look forward to Owl Class continuing to do this.

We would also love to hear from any parents/grandparents/ great-grandparents who would be happy to talk about their childhood memories living in Bridgwater and to bring in any old/new photographs you/they may have. Please pop in if you can help. We will continue to have a cross
curricular approach to both teaching and learning.

We will start our R.E topic by looking at the Old Testament through the Creation story. They will begin to learn parts of the Mass where we share readings from the Old Testament and think about how to protect God’s world.
Our focus for Literacy will be based around ‘Once upon a fairy tale’ story to begin with where children can choose their own adventure stories. They will imitate, innovate, and invent their own stories. We will also be looking at the story called ‘The Everywhere Bear’ by Rebecca Cobb. The children will focus on writing sentences based on their own thoughts and ideas. We will continue
to read a variety of texts both through adults reading books in class and guided reading groups.

Maths will have a focus on number with an emphasis on counting items carefully and sorting objects based on shape and colour. We will start by focusing on numbers within 20 to ensure all children have a good understanding of place value. We will look at spelling numbers, ordering
numbers, adding numbers and focus on recalling our number bonds within 10.

In Science will be investigating seasonal changes to begin with and then we will look at materials and their properties. The focus in Geography will be looking at the location of the school and other landmarks in Bridgwater and marking them on a map. They will compare Bridgwater to another location by focusing on location, climate, weather and clothing.

History will be interlinked within our learning. We will have many discussions about history for a child as a baby and what they could do and what they can do now. History will also be linked within our topic of our local area where we will look at carnival carts in the past and now. After half term, we will look at toys in the past and toys now.

In P.E we will follow a programme called iMoves where the children will learn skills including seated balance, standing balance, and dynamic balance. We will also focus on ball skills to ensure children can throw and catch. Forest school will begin on Thursday 12th of September and will take place weekly this term.

During computing lessons the children will use technology purposefully to create, organise, store, and retrieve digital content. They will also begin to recognise the uses of technology beyond the school. All children will be taught to use the equipment safely and respectfully for example, by keeping passwords confidential. Children will be taught where to go for help and support if they have any concerns about technology and how to stay safe online.

Children will have many opportunities for art and design technology this year. They will use a variety of different resources including oil pastels and paint. This term we will look at creating lots of drawings and art work. After the October half term, we will learn about art work called cubism and have a go at creating our own.

Please could you continue to ensure your child’s P.E bag and wellingtons are labelled clearly and always in school and all the items? This helps your child and us.

I am really excited about the start of this new academic year. If your child has any WOW moments (something that really impresses the adults at home!) or Show and Tell about something special or exciting that has happened, I would love to hear all about it! Please share these on Showbie so that they can be shared with the rest of the class too! If you have difficulties accessing Showbie, please do let me know as it is where I will communicate most of Owl Class news.

Finally, please can I remind you to come and see me if you have any concerns at all. As class teacher, I am always available and if a longer meeting is needed it can always be arranged! Your child’s happiness and security is paramount to everything and I truly believe in working together. Mrs Higgins and I are very much looking forward to an exciting term ahead!

Thank you for your support,
Mrs Gibbard

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