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Religious Education

Religious Education

Currently at St Joseph’s our curriculum is based on materials produced with support from the Diocese. During the course of 2023/24 we will be trialling learning planned using the new RE curriculum directory (RED) this will result in slightly different topics being taught in Reception and year 3. 

Our topic timetable can be viewed here: RE Topics 2023-24  

Below are the outcomes expected for each year group for those children working at the expected level for the topic of creation. 


  • I know that God made me 
  • I know God loves me and I am part of a family. 
  • I know we should look after ourselves and others. 
  • I know that God made our world 
  • I know we should look after God’s world 
  • I know we are all invited to be part of God’s family. 

 Year 1 – Creation:   

  • Pupils will be able to recognise some of the Psalms AT1 
  • Pupils will be able to recognise some of the imagery used to speak of God in scripture 
  • Pupils will be able to recognise the words Prayer, Psalm, Praise, Responsorial Psalm  Vocation AT1 
  • Pupils will be able to recognise that people want to share their feelings with God through prayer and want at times to praise God  (AT1) 
  • Pupils will be able to say what they wonder at about creation (AT2) 

Year 2 – Creation :

  • Pupils will be able to recognise that Bible stories have meanings, they will recognise that we use the Bible stories in mass to help us understand how God wants us to live AT1.
  • Pupils will be able to retell the story of Amos AT1.
  • Pupils will be to use the words Bible, Old Testament, New Testament, Gospel, Creation, Liturgy of the Word,   Homily, Bidding prayers,  correctly and explain very simply their meaning AT1.
  • Pupils will be able to ask and respond to questions about what Amos felt when called by God and what Amos was called to do AT2.
  • Pupils will be able to ask questions  about whether the world Amos lived in was fair. 

Year 3 –  Creation: 

  • To explore different kinds of questions and to recognise that people tell stories to answer questions. 
  • To recognise that Jewish people told the story of Creation to try and answer some of their questions. 
  • We are learning to appreciate that people have written prayers, poems and psalms about creation 
  • We are learning to recognise that the psalmists believed everyone is special.
  • How do Christians use words to praise God?
  • To recognise that we still use psalms today.
  • To think about how we care for animals or objects.
  • To think about what it means to be a steward.
  • To explore the words of St Francis and how we can trust this with some of the things happening in our world today. 
  • To know that children around the world are not always treated fairly. 
  • To explore Catholic Social Teaching. 

Year 4 – Creation: 

  • Explain what a Steward of creation is. AT1 
  • Make links between what scripture says about creation and the responsibility of believers to show care and respect for creation. AT1 
  • Explain the ideas behind Laudato Si. AT1 
  • Compare their own and other people’s ideas about questions  that can be difficult to answer such as why do some people have more than others, why do some people not care for creation AT2 
  • Describe the story of the call of Abraham,  and/or Abraham and Isaac explaining how this shows Abraham’s trust in God AT1.
  • Answer the question Do (I, my school, my parish) put the words of Pope Francis into Action? AT3 

Year 5 – Creation :

  • Pupils will be able to describe the different parts of the Bible and give examples of the different types of writing within the Bible AT1.
  • Pupils will be able to show some understanding how Catholics view and use the Bible AT1. 
  •  Pupils will be able to  show understanding of the creation stories by making accurate links between the creation stories and some key Christian beliefs AT1.
  • Pupils will be able to compare their own and other people’s ideas about what the ‘Big Questions’ are AT2. 
  •  Pupils will be able to give reasons for their view on the question ‘Are the Creation Stories True?’ AT3.

Year 6 – Creation : 

  • AT1 I can describe and show understanding of some relevant experiences of Moses and how these relate to some beliefs in the Christian Church. 
  • AT1 I can show understanding of how for people in the church their actions are informed by their belief in the commandments. 
  • AT2 I can engage with and respond to the question: “Why do some people not keep some specific commandments?” 
  • AT3 I can discuss and give evidence to support one of the following ‘The Commandments are still relevant today’ or ‘Keeping the letter of commandments can actually be a bad thing’