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Forest School

Forest School

Here is some amazing artwork from Year 6 following the inspiration of Andy Goldsworthy

Through learning in an outdoor environment, Forest School enables children to develop a lifelong love and understanding of the natural environment. Using natural materials, children experience the opportunity to develop self-esteem, confidence and social skills. In carefully planned activities, children can excel in areas of their personal, academic and spiritual learning.

All activities take part on site. We have a designated area, on our school field and also a pond area.

Children take part in small group sessions, the tasks being 80% achievable and 20% being an extension to the challenge. They shall use their skills and learn new skills so that activities can maintain a degree of challenge and excitement while still being in a safe and controlled environment.

“This is the best kind of classroom:
No walls, just sky and trees
This is the best kind of classroom:
No radiators, just a gentle breeze.

This is the best kind of classroom
Where the seasons don’t happen in books
Where the learning is watching and thinking and talking
And everyone notices, everyone looks.”

From ‘The Best Kind of Classroom’ by Ian MacMillan